WELCOME!! If you’re here, it’s obvious you appreciate new and exciting things. DBW KIDS is an independent publishing site that features books published and written by author and founder Dee Boykin.

We are proud to be featuring our first title, “What It Means to Be Me.” This picture book has eight lighthearted short stories of bullying, losing a loved one, discrimination, friendships, God and it guarantees a smile! Children have a unique way of seeing the world. And we love it! Stick around and get to know the characters below and participate in our FREE GIVEAWAY!

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Our focus is children. All of our books are created to empower and entertain. Our readers are small but our messages are big!

Our Featured Book:

“What It Means to Be Me” is a picture book with eight short stories. This book is a great way to initiate conversations about sensitive topics and everyday issues. And some stories are just for fun! It contains lighthearted stories of bullying, losing a loved one, discrimination, friendships, God, and more!
Our objective is to uplift build confidence and give a child assurance they are not alone when dealing with unfamiliar situations. It also encourages children to embrace being inquisitive and not be afraid to ask questions. A child may not remember every detail of their life growing up, but they will remember what made them smile when they were dealing with an issue. We can’t shelter our youth from life, but a story that understands what they are going through will help a little. Get to know the characters below.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

$19.95 for 1 book. 8 Amazing stories.

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“What It Means to Be Me”

Hard copy. 1 Book 8 Stories. 62 pages.


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Have you read our featured title? If so, we would love to hear from you. Let us know your favorite character (s) below in the comment section. If you haven’t read the book, no worries! Below are snippets of each story or check out the video below to read excerpts.

Get to know the characters

“Chrissy’s Pet Rock”

Chrissy is a whimsical girl faced with bullying. We tell children to tell someone if they are bullied or see someone being bullied. However, sometimes, there’s no one around to tell. Chrissy’s story is a situation she handles herself. Her confidence is magnetic and teaches at the same time.

“Is God Real?”

Questions, questions, and more questions. Tim’s inquisitive mind won’t rest until he gets answers. He has an intense conversation with a pastor and wants to know if God is real. As far as he’s concern, God doesn’t exist.

“The Group”

Carrie and Jane are best friends with many differences but have one thing in common. They both are friendly to everyone they meet. Their story displays their kindness and the brilliant idea of starting a group named “Beauty” for kids who are different in a big or small way. To these girls, prejudice isn’t a problem; it simply doesn’t exist.

“Where did she go?”

Innocent and sweet, Emily’s world is turned upside down when she finds out some devastating news that will change her life forever.

“I Love My Brown Skin”

Not all lessons are taught in a classroom. James learns the hard way the meaning of pride. He and his father are celebrating his spelling bee victory, and soon after, their night is rudely interrupted in the most inhumane way.  

“The Spelling Test”

Taking test is not at the top of Tommy’s list of fun things to do. He hates it. He doesn’t think he’s smart enough to pass his spelling test. He’s feeling hopeless and helpless. There’s only one thing he can do … Check out his story!

Talk about independent! NIYA says she’s five so, what’s wrong with her staying up all night. She has things to do and places to go. “I’m Not Sleepy” shows Niya telling her mother she refuses to go to sleep. She later regrets her decision after dealing with the consequences. 

“The Group” by Dee Boykin (animated video)


Click on the video to read excerpts

“What It Means to Be Me”

Hard copy. 1 book. 8 Amazing stories. 62 pages.


“What It Means to Be Me” Book 2 Titles:

  • New Baby
  • No Holidays
  • Ben’s New Home
  • Sorry It Was Me
  • Me and My Rottie
  • Do I Have to Choose?

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